Professional Tiles and Grouts Cleaning Services

To make a better look of our homes and offices, most of us install tiles and carpets, but the tiles need extra and regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking as new as the day these were installed. Tile cleaning is simple but its grouts always create problems. Grout is the most important part that fills gaps between 2 or more tiles. It is also one of the parts of tiles which is easily collect dust, grim and bacteria. A dirty grout can makes dull and unattractive the beauty of tiles.

One Stop Carpet Cleaning team has been experienced many worst cases of tiles and grouts, that’s why we have built a strategy for tiles and grout cleaning process. Through this strategy, we can clean any type of tiles including ceramic and porcelain. And this strategy is beneficial for kitchen and bathrooms floors, showers, entrance ways and other tiled surfaces.

Our Strategy for Tiles and Grout Cleaning

Our strategy for tiles and grout cleaning takes time but give expected results. Most of us perform quick floor sweep on daily basis, because we don’t have much time. But, the rag we use for cleaning tiles and grout cannot deep cleanse the grout. You need a professional to deep clean your tiles and grouts and when you don’t have time to tackle this.

In our cleaning strategy, we target, treat and remove spots and stain. We also use pressure wash service for grim and ground in soil. Our team clean all baseboards and cleaning carefully to make sure no crumbs or dust bunnies left behind. In addition to tiles and grout cleaning services, we also perform dry process and sealing the grout lines.

Why grouts need more care?

The porous material which we use to fill the gaps between tiles is called grout. It easy stains and develops bacteria because of humidity and moisture of our rooms and bathrooms. You may have ever seen pinkish or red film on your bathroom grouts. Do you know what it is? It is Serratia marcescens bacteria which are typically found around the surfaces of showers. It can only be removed with chlorine bleach contained cleaner. If you are going to use chlorine contained cleaner, we recommend you to wear gloves.

If you would like to stop the bacteria from inflaming, just wipe the tiles after taking the shower.

Looking for the Service?

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