Air Duct Cleaning

Whenever a job related to cleaning come to us, it feels like a real challenge. Especially, when it comes to cleaning air ducts, it cannot compare to any other carpet or upholstery furniture cleaning job. Heavy vacuum machines and a variety of agitation tools are required when air ducts needs to be cleaned. It does not required take a lot of time but also much energy.

Air ducts cannot be cleaned by a single man in-fact non experience person cannot do it. You need to hire professional such as One Stop Carpet Cleaning to get your work done in professional way.

Why air ducts needs to be cleaned?

We all know that air ducts are installed to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to deliver and exhaust air. And we and our whole family member inhale air that comes through air ducts. The air will be filtered by our lungs before it is used by other parts of body. Unmaintained air ducts may have bacteria, fungi and mold that can make negative impacts on our overall health.

One Stop Carpet Cleaning company has heavy truck mounted vacuum and pressure washing machines that remove utmost dirt, dander and allergen from your air ducts. Did you know that cleaned HVAC system can lower energy bills? Our air duct cleaning services keep your home’s air dust and allergy free.

Why One Stop Carpet Cleaning?

Established in 1995, One Stop Carpet Cleaning is a leading cleaning company that provides cleaning solution for residential and commercial properties in Surrey BC. We have a team of experienced technicians and heavy truck mounted vacuum and pressure washing machines that help us in serving with highest quality services to our clients. We also offer competitive prices on all cleaning jobs. You will get lowest price and quotes for each cleaning job. We guarantee for lowest price and high quality services.

To ensure the quality of services, our technicians perform post analysis of your carpets, tiles, upholstery furniture and air ducts. If the job is not done properly, we perform again without any charges to our customers.

We are based in Surrey, but our services areas cover almost whole British Colombia including Langley, Newton, Delta, New Westminster, Vancouver, Cloverdale and Richmond. Call us to hire us.

Looking for the Service?

If you’re living in Surrey and its surrounding areas like Delta, Newton, Burnaby, New Westminster, Langley and Vancouver, and looking to get rid of the dirty tiles and grouts, contact or call us today!

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