How to Prevent Flu and Allergies

How to Prevent Flu and Allergies

Did you know that every year people spend more than $10 billion to cure allergies and flu related diseases? And more than 200,000 people hospitalize because of complications of these allergies. Basically, a common flu or allergy lasts 4 to 5 days. But after the flu or allergy, cough and fatigue can affect for two weeks or more. The Doctors always say that prevention is better than cure. As a professional carpet cleaning company in Surrey BC, we are going to share tips that help you in prevent flu and allergies.

  1. Wash your hands: Before having or handling food, wash your hands. It is one of the common causes that people ever ignore. We ever do handshakes while meeting with our friends and relatives. And it becomes a source of traveling for flu and bacteria from one person to another. Whenever you enter your home from outside, just wash your hands.
  2. Use an Air Purifier: Air Purifiers play a key role in reducing unhealthy airborne particles and germs. It helps especially during the flu season when we use heaters with the window and doors closed.
  3. Eat Healthy: In order to boost your immune system, we recommend eat healthy. Whether you have flu or not, eat healthy to stay healthy.
  4. Clean your carpets and upholstery: The carpets and upholstery furniture are one of the surfaces of our home that work as magnet and catch all dust, broken hair and nails. So it is important to get them cleaned on weekly basis. If you are vacuuming them on daily basis, it is important to get them cleaned from a professional carpet cleaning company. Because they have powerful equipment and use techniques such as hot water extraction, steam cleaning etc.
  5. Wash Your Linen and Bedding Material: Wash your linen, blankets and bedding material on regular basis. It reduces the risks of flu and allergies. Use your regular detergents while cleaning them.
  6. Take time to reduce the stress level: Mind and physical stress levels also play an important role in effecting the immune system of human body. If stress level is high, it has negative effects which directly low your immune system, and let the flu and allergies overcome. If stress level is low, then it has some positive effects. Take time to reduce your stress level. Do some physical exercises; spend some time with family, friends, books and meditation. It does not only reduce your stress level, even create some positivism in your behavior.

As a carpet cleaning company, we would like to see people of Surrey BC healthy. Use these tips to prevent flu and allergies. If they want their carpets, upholstery and bedding material cleaned, we will be happy to help them. Thanks for taking time to reading this post. Don’t forget share it with your friends.

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